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So hello, its been quite a while again since I last made a journal entry.

    This summer has been hella busy, but a good one, no less. 
    I had to do some independent studies for about 6 weeks though omg never again. I had to do two packets a week, each packet about 30 pages front and back, and I quite literally worked like 7-8 hours a day to finish both on time. Not to mention there were "extra questions" that required a few extra sheets of paper, one study guide with about 20 questions per packet, and two essay questions. I had my meetings with my teacher at 10:30am each Wednesday, where I would have to take two tests and get my grades for that unit, then start the next one. I ended up getting an A the first semester and a B the second, I was actually really proud of myself! I had to take this course over the summer or else I wouldn't have enough room in my schedule next year to take an off-campus course. So I took it to get it out of the way, considering I can't do Spanish over the summer or anything. I also thought it would be easier to do this class, rather than do my science class or my math class over the summer. It really did waste my summer though, I couldn't really do anything at all in those six weeks. I could barely go over to a friend's house because of how much work I had to do, ugh. 
    Thankfully I finished it and now I can actually do things. I just saw Pacific Rim with my friend on Friday and it was an absolutely fantastic movie! I would definitely recommend it! No matter what people say, its NOTHING like Transformers at all. I also just got back from a sleepover, and my friend got me into Shingeki No Kyojin, and I got her and her sister into Puella Magi Madoka Magica! 

    One thing certainly sucked more than independent studies though: my computer is on its last limbs. Its roughly 8 years old and its pretty far from its normal lifespan. I have a feeling the motherboard may be close to burning out. My drivers constantly uninstall themselves (like 2-3 times a day in some cases), and I have to defragment it until my little power light flashes yellow. And whats even worse is that my computer will no longer recognize my tablet as a device, and it keeps saying its unknown. I've tried several times to reinstall the drivers, but to no avail. Plus, whenever I even move in the slightest it will suddenly not recognize the device again after I get it to somehow work. Blah, what a pain in my side. The tablet itself is in good condition and it still works, its just the computer. Thankfully my parents have been trying to save up money and buy me a new one, and I'm really grateful for that. Hopefully then I'll be able to start uploading art again, I truly miss drawing. I don't find joy in drawing traditionally, even if its just to doodle. I actually find it to be very frustrating and annoying rather than enjoyable. I make too many mistakes like "oh the head is too big" or "that other eye looks higher than the other one" or "the nose looks very odd", and I can never really erase it completely and that just makes me even more frustrated. I even draw lightly at first. But as soon as I outline it with a darker pencil, I always find the mistakes and now I can't erase them, because they still make like little indents on the paper of where it was, and that drives me crazy. So yeah, as soon as I get my new computer I'll be able to draw again, and I'll upload some more art and whatnot. 

--Mini rant starts here, skip if you'd like.</i>--
    The only thing I'm kind of worried about, when I start drawing again, is that I would like to start drawing some fanart. However, as expressed in Andrew Dobson's (TomPreston) "SYAC - The Slippery Slope", once you start drawing fanart, its a pretty difficult pit to get out of. People seem to only like your art if it has something to do with fandoms, or games, or movies, or a whole bunch of stuff. But I feel like when I draw my OCs o my friend's OCs, then people don't usually bother to look at them, even if I worked harder on it than the fanart. One of my friends, for example, is an awesome artist. But even if she does silly little fanart doodles sometimes, they get far more attention to art that she spends hours and hours on. Even cute little doodles of her OCs barely even get recognized, and that shouldn't be the case. Unfortunately, it is for some people and I don't want that to happen to me. I spend a lot of time drawing my OCs because its what I'm passionate about (not that I'm not passionate about drawing fanart), but I'm afraid if I go down the fanart path thats all that will be recognized by me. Even if they're just silly little doodles that took me 5 minutes to draw. I was thinking of many positive benefits to drawing fanart, but I'm afraid I might sound like an annoying attention-seeker, and thats not what I want to come off as. I guess I would just like people to recognize my other art and not just my fanart. The thought of it is just really discouraging to me, and I'm sorry again if I'm coming off as rude or self-centered or just overall annoying. 
--Mini rant over</i>--

    Thats all for now! Hope you all have a great day!
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Well hello~! My name is Caitlin! I enjoy drawing, sewing, animating, manga, anime, Homestuck, plushies, food, chocolate, and writing! Hope you all enjoy my page! Please comment on my art and fave, if you'd like!

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